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Research, Philippines

An internship is always exciting, but what if you can also work on improving the environment? For the third year in a row, we’re collaborating with Dutch and international Universities with the aim of increasing awareness on plastic pollution and to research possible locations for the implementation of Litter Traps.

For 5 months, water management students Matea and Inge from Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences worked together with San Carlos University’s experts on how to make Cebu City plastic-free. The research field trip was focused on acquiring all the data needed to locally set up a recycling scheme supported by the implementation of Litter Traps in the Philippines. 


Research, Vietnam

The Mekong river in Vietnam is one of the 10 most polluting rivers in the world. We have been actively studying the hydrological characteristics of the Mekong river to find sites where plastic waste accumulates. Together with students from the HZ University of Applied Sciences, we have successfully build a solid network of experts and partners working together to retrieve and recycle plastic in the Mekong.

With the help of more partners, we can set up a project in Vietnam to collect plastic pollution along the Mekong, recycle the litter into valuable products that will empower local communities, promote ecological consciousness and make urbanized areas greener.


Research, Montpellier

Over the last 5 months of 2019, we have been supervising 13 students from EPF Graduate School of Engineering in Montpellier. Their project aim was to analyse Montpellier’s network of rivers and canals, the existing policies regarding waste management and thoroughly study if flood prone areas could be suitable for Litter Trap implementation.

Great results require extensive scientific research, thus we are always keen on setting up collaborations with research centres and universities all around the world.


International conferences and competitions

We took part of different international competitions, accelerators and conferences.

We presented our projects at the World Ocean Summit in Abu Dhabi (UAE) and during the Our Ocean Summit in Oslo (Norway), where we shared ideas and knowledge with 100 young ocean leaders. We joined PET Kupa in Hungary, an international cleanup on boats made with recycled plastic waste, the Green Day in Tivoli (Italy) and the 100 Resilient Cities summit in Rotterdam. We were invited to the One Young World Summit in London (UK), we joined the “Zero Plastic Waste in the Mediterranean in 2030” competition in Marseilles (France) as a finalist and the European Commission’s Academy for the European Social Innovation Competition in Turin (Italy) as a semi-finalist.


Modular Litter Trap

Our brand new developed Passive Litter Trap is premiered at the Dutch Design Week! This renewed design will increase our national and international impact to prevent plastic litter to enter seas and oceans. The Litter Trap will be installed in rivers and ports to directly stop plastic litter in their flow.

Recycled Island Foundation retrieves plastic litter in rivers and ports since 2014. The recovered plastic is recycled into valuable new products such as Litter Traps.

The Litter Trap redevelopment is supported by the Audi Environmental Foundation. Acting towards a plastic free sea together!


Litter Trap, Brussels

Together with Audi Brussels and the Port of Brussels, Recycled Island Foundation and its project partner Audi Environmental Foundation have installed a specially developed passive Litter Trap in the harbor basin of Brussels. Waste floating in the water is flushed into a basin, where retention devices prevent it from being washed out again, and thus ensure that no plastic reaches the open sea via the canal. The Port of Brussels is already the third site for a Recycled Island Litter Trap, following Rotterdam and the Indonesian Island of Ambon. Recycled Island Foundation is currently internationally exploring several locations for similar Litter Trap implementations.


Circular products

We designed a 3D-printed sofa for Audi Brussels. The sofa is placed and displayed at the Audi showroom in Brussels. In this way, we raise awareness about the possibilities of recycling plastics and about plastic pollution. In the sofa, there is space for plants and a tree. We are continuing the innovation of circular products.


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